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aviator game

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Whichever online game you choose, you should first immerse yourself in its rules and basic terms to be in the subject and communicate with other players in the same language.

Listed below is the basics you need to know as a 2×2 in order to play Aviator game qualitatively.

Bet size.

First, decide on the amount you intend to start the game with. Then click on the "Make Bet" button.

Important. You can safely bet different amounts in the games Aviator an unlimited number of times. If you need more bets, just create another panel and make a new cash deposit.

Cash out.

Keep in mind a simple scheme. At the right time for you take the money and leave the game. The height of the plane is your odds, a certain number, the amount. This number is multiplied by the bet with which you entered the level. The result is the amount of your winnings.

Then to withdraw the money you press the appropriate button. All profit after its withdrawal in the game will be zeroed.

Automatic cash out.

Aviator has a handy feature "automatic withdrawal". What is the trick? With its help, you can set the automatic withdrawal of profits, which will save time, as well as save from unnecessary "gestures".

You can withdraw money from the game at the exact moment when the plane reaches the target altitude

Methods of making deposits at Aviator 1win.

To deposit money into your Aviator account, just:

a) click the appropriate button in the upper right corner of the screen.

b) decide on the way of depositing and the required amount.

c) confirm the payment.

By the way, all these operations you will spend no more than a minute.


The key rules of the game.

rules aviator

Going to a new level of the game. Make one or two bets at a time. Then the plane gains altitude and multiplies the amount invested.

Profits can increase by 100, and 500, and 2,000 times, or fall sharply.

The point is to have time to withdraw the amount while the plane is flying. Once it flies away, cash out winnings will not work.

It is recommended to make two bets at once. So you can pick up the first part of the profits. Suppose, when the plane flew up to the level of 3x. Second withdrawal after the plane hits a 10x level, increasing the winnings by 10 times!

The algorithm of the game Aviator

The main principle of the game - the observance of fair and just rules. That is why everything is as transparent as possible.

Any player can access the statistics for each level in the history of the game. The algorithm does not acquire the coefficient at which the plane can fly away from a particular playground. It is simply generated by the participants who make bets in that round.

The principles of betting in the Aviator Game

Participants are allowed to make an amount ranging from 10 cents to $ 200. At the same time, make several bets at the same time in order to increase the chances of winning at each level.

You place a bet. Then, while the plane is gaining altitude, you manually withdraw from the game. The important thing here is to catch the right moment. If you wait too long to withdraw your winnings, the plane will crash and you'll miss out on your money.

It is possible to withdraw money in an automated way. For example, use AutoPlay mode and the Auto Cash Out feature.

betting aviator

Live stats in the game

In Aviator, participants can see the stats of the game right as they play it. Here, the latest stats from the plane or other players in the casino are located on the same panel as the live stakes.

Plus, you can keep track of your last betting transactions, where the plane crashed, as well as your betting history.

Aviator Game Lifehacks

In order to increase your chances of getting a good amount in the game, stick to these simple rules:

  • To "look around" and try the game for a taste, we recommend that you start familiarizing yourself with the demo version.
  • Find your bearings between risk and possible profit in the game. The higher the multiplication (×10, ×50, ×100, etc.), the bigger the winnings. However, the possibility of winning itself is reduced.
  • Bet wisely and know the measure. Remember, in pursuit of a tidy sum can drain all the profits. Follow the principle of gradual growth rates. The profits are lower, but there's less risk of ending up with nothing.
  • Final rule. Make sure that the internet speed of your provider will be enough to provide a stable connection without hangs and "crashes" from the game. Otherwise, instead of a buzz, you will feel wild irritation.

Aviator is a game with clear rules that anyone can easily figure out. You can start playing as a demo version, and make real bets. In either case, you'll have fun and take your free time well.

FAQ about Aviator

Frequently asked questions about Aviator:

What is the starting bet in Aviator?

The minimum amount of money with which you can enter the game is only 5 Russian rubles. Accordingly, to start with such amounts is not terrible, but you can try your hand in the game. Gradually increase rates and thus be able to pull off a good piece. For the convenience of the game were created rates face value 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 rubles. When manually increasing the amount of bets one step is 5 rubles.

Is there a maximum bet size?

The maximum threshold of a single entry bet in the game reaches 7,000 rubles. However, 2 amounts can be deposited in parallel (for example, the first bet of 7000 and the second bet of 7000).

How long is the round in Aviator Spribe?

One round in the game lasts between 8 and 30 seconds. The duration of the level depends on the odds that are "shot" here. As long as the odds are growing, the level doesn't end and your profit amount is increasing.

What is the lowest game coefficient?

In our case it is one (1). Happens about once every 50 levels. Also, coefficients x1.20 and less will cause losses. The chance of encountering these values is much higher as opposed to one. Approximately up to 10 times per 100 games (10% of the total number of levels).

What is the maximum coefficient in Aviator?

The high coefficient in the game is a multiplication of 200. And I must say, this value is not particularly spoiled players. For 60-80 minutes the coefficient falls only 1 time. For example, 1 time for 250 levels of the game will show a value greater than 100. Be that as it may, it is recommended to think over the next steps in the game and build a strategy on x2, x3, x4, etc. multiplications of bets.