Aviator game analogues

The popularity of the game aviator due to the simplicity and versatility of the slot. This is not the first, but also not the last slot of this format. There were many games similar to aviator. Some of them differ in the number of available features in the game. But the essence of the game remains the original - predicting the duration of the line. 

Fully analogues of the game aviator they can not be called. The fact that the graphical design of the slot can be any and important software code on which it operates. Aviator and similar games superficially similar enough, but they differ at a deeper level. It is not only a different storyline. For example, in some cases they use a stock curve instead of a corncob or a rocket. They have different themes and algorithm.

An additional feature of the game aviator and analogues is the ability to fix a specific indicator. Reaching the value fixed within the round, the player fixes the profit. In earlier games for money similar to the aviator there is no such option. In cases where the player intends to win by his own strategy - it is extremely important. Manual control may not be reliable enough in such cases. And although fixing the result deprives part of the profit, it is beneficial for the player to get exactly the amount specified by him. Instead of risking a bet with an unknown result in advance. 

Luсky Jet

The closest of all aviator analogues is the Luсky Jet. But the performance and algorithm of both slots are too different to put an equal sign between them. Aviation theme is also very conditionally unites both machines. Analogues game "aviator" correspond to her a little bit only externally. Aviator itself is a slot for a long and thoughtful game. Thanks to the fixing results there is an opportunity to run a game with predictable results and not to lose winnings. Many machines do not have such a function. 

The game allows you to change the size of the bet and make several at once on specific results to be achieved in the future. Also in the games of the type of aviator for money function of the progressive scale of winnings. Depending on the number of rounds played, the winnings are multiplied by a specific number. 

But it is best to run aviator game analogues, taking into account the honesty and reliability of the casino where the game will be played. It is important to be clearly aware of the correspondence of the odds on the site with those laid in the slot by the publisher and not to violate the rules of the casino.